Ad Servers

Ad servers are the systems that places advertisements on Web sites. Ad serving technology companies provide software to Web sites and advertisers to serve ads, count them, choose the ads that will make the Web site or advertiser the most money. Ad servers are divided into two types – publisher ad servers and advertiser ad servers.

If you do not find in our list the name of the platform that you know or you are and owner of this kind of website, please send us its name and URL. We will be grateful for your help in developing this list.

No. Ad Server Name Link
1 Adserver
2 Ad Dispenser
3 AdButler
4 Adform
5 Adfox
6 Adriver
7 Adplugg
8 AdPreference
9 AdServer Solutions
10 AdSpeed
11 AdSpirit Ad Server
12 AdTech
13 AdvertServe
14 Adzerk
15 Aerserve
16 AppNexus
17 Broadstreetads
18 Conversant/MediaPlex
19 DFP Premium
20 DFP Small Business
21 dJax Ad Server
22 E Planning
23 Epom
24 ExAds
25 Expo9
26 FlashTalking
27 iBillBoard Ad Server
28 inClick Ad Server
29 MoPub
30 My Simple Ads
31 NetSprint
32 Nexage
33 OpenX
34 Operative
35 Orbit Open Ad Server
36 Revive Ad Server
37 Rubicon
38 SiteScout
39 Smaato
40 Smart Ad Server
41 Spiral Ad Server
42 TradeDoubler
43 Ultra Ad Server
44 Value Ad
45 Zedo
46 Kooraty

If you are looking for other advertising software, you can visit Autosurf List and Network Scripts.

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