AdmediaTex CPM

AdmediaTex CPM Description

AdmediaTex CPM is the Internet company for the field of Advertising, Transparent and Effective Technology. We contribute to the link between advertisers and publishers in order to connect and create a good relationship between both parties.

Our company has large servers in many global locations, called and abbreviated CDN. It is the great solution to optimize the loading of our code and ads. We create a real advertising field and a convenient platform where you can buy and sell your traffic.

Admediatex advertisers are our priority. For this reason we offer protection, security and trust. Minimum of adding funds is $1 to run your ads.

AdmediaTex CPM Network Details

Minimum Payment: $5
Payment Frequency: Net30  Daily (Quality Publishers)
Payment Method: PayPal
Country: Venezuela
Contact: Email:

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