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Admetrika is a digital banner and Popunder advertising network where publishers can monetize their websites with high quality banner ads. It is a CPM and CPC model based ad network, so, it pays you for both clicks and impressions.

Also, this network is a non-adult advertising network, so, you can monetize only your non-adult content websites with it. However, if you are looking for an adult ad network then you can check our adult ad networks list to find the best ad network of your choice. We have a big list of adult advertising networks.

Admetrika provides all standard and non-standard banner sizes, so, you can easily monetize your website with it. This network lets you track your earnings in real time which helps you to quickly optimize your ad units for best performance. Also, its stats reporting system shows detailed stats and even lets you export your stats in multiple formats.

Unlike many other ad networks, on Admetrika, you don’t get much details on homepage. It is a kind of private network which only accepts publishers after reviewing their application. However, you don’t need to worry much about the details as the network has already submitted most of the details through our submit ad network form.

Apart from the high quality banner ads, this network offers some good services like an average minimum payout limit, timely payouts, two different payment options and a very detailed stats reporting system.

Sign Up And Approval:
Similar to most of the other ad networks, Admetrika also offers a simple sign up form to publishers that you’ll have to fill in and submit to complete the registration process. They ask your website URL at the time of registration, so, there’s no need to submit your website after creating your account on their network. However, you can add more websites from your dashboard.

Admetrika doesn’t provide instant access to your account, so, you will have to wait for them to review your application. Usually, their review process takes up to 24 hours. After that, you are notified about the approval or disapproval of your application. In case you get approval, they send you your password through which you can login to your account and generate ad codes to place on your website.

Ad Formats:
Admetrika offers only banner ads as its solution to publishers. It provides all standard and non-standard banner sizes.

The banner sizes that they offer are 336X280, 970X250 Masterhead Banner, 160X600, 300X600, 300X250 and 728X90.Popunder

Stats Reporting System:
Admetrika offers a very detailed stats reporting system which shows stats in real time. Its stats reporting shows daily clicks, daily impressions, yesterday clicks & impressions, monthly clicks & impressions, daily earnings, total earnings etc. Its stats reporting system offers various filters that you can use to filter out reports. Also, it provides an export option through which you can export your reports in multiple formats.

Minimum Payout:
The minimum payout limit on Admetrika is 50$.

Payment Frequency:
Admetrika pays its publishers on Net 30 terms.

Payment Options:
Admetrika pays its publishers via Payza and Paxum.

Referral Program:
Admetrika doesn’t offer any referral program to publishers.

Commission Type: CPM, CPC, POP
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Frequency: NET30
Payment Method: Payza, Paxum, Bank Transfer
Country: Turkey/Estonia
Contact: Email: pub@admetrika.com

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