CPA/CPS & CPL/CPI Daily Net 0 Net 30 PayPal


Wannads Description

Our Services
A range of campaigns and services to help you make money from your services, games and apps.

Easy to integrate and ideal for your native apps.

Reward your users and monetize your traffic.

Select your preferred campaigns and customize their appearance.

Your users will be able to complete offers from their smartphone.
Is there a platform that pays out immediately? Yes, we do. Our top publishers deserve a top platform. If that’s you, you will receive the money built up over a month at the end of that month (net-0). No waiting, no hassle.

We develop
At Wannads we create tools that enable you to monetize your service, as well as helping you with their integration.

You make money
Integration is faster and easier than you think. You will soon start to earn money from your users.

Your users are happy
Your users will be rewarded thanks to our advertisers’ campaigns. Everyone wins.

Wannads Network Details
Commission Type: CPA, CPI, CPL, CPE
Minimum Payment: $100
Payment Frequency: Net0 and Net30
Payment Method: PayPal
Country: Spain
Contact: Email:


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